The Shield Wall is an Asatru Kindred based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We have members extending as far north as Weber County, and as far south as Utah County. This Kindred is dedicated to following the old ways and ancient traditions of the old Norse Gods and Goddesses, and their Heroes. We are a knowledge based group, emphasizing research and learning of the old world, in order to better live good and worthy lives in these modern times.

Asatru is a religion, culture, and way of living that honors and follows the ways and examples of the old Norse Gods, Goddesses, and their Heroes. Every follower of Asatru strives to exemplify their culture and recognizes that they are their deeds. It is their actions that show the truth of their individual character. They strive to act honorably and face life as warriors-born, honoring the ancient warrior culture as did the ancestors of the old world; forging a life for themselves that is worthy of the companionship of the Gods and Goddesses.

The Shield Wall Kindred is lead by a Council of Elders, tasked with the physical well-being of its membership, and guided by a Council of Gothar, who tend to the spiritual needs of it’s folk. We hold regular Blot celebrations, monthly Kindred meetings, study sessions, and social events. All are in an effort to build and strengthen ourselves, and the greater Heathen community.

The Shield Wall Kindred is accepting of all types of people from any background. The common link between all members is our devotion to Asatru. The Shield Wall has no room for discrimination or extremism of any kind.

If you find yourself wanting to know more, or you’re curious about attending any of our gatherings, please reach out to us!