Jera in the Midnight Sun

Last year when the Shieldwall Kindred was celebrating Midsummer, I found myself on a journey to the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. It was a place not only of incredible scenery, with large mountains shooting up out of the arctic, but has an incredible connection to the Gods and Goddesses. That is why it is often referred to as the Island of the Gods. And I was going to be visiting them.


While there, I discovered a deeper meaning of the rune Jera. Jera is the harvest rune, often associated with the old saying “you reap what you sow.” Not only was I reaping the seeds of saving for 2 years for this trip, I was reaping in developing a closer bond to my patron goddess, Idunn. Being a rune which is often associated with Idunn, I had to discover more about Jera.

Earlier that day I had purchased a necklace of Jera from the Lofotr Viking Museum (this is another story for another day) and I was feeling particularly close to it.

I was on the road driving back to my room (at around 1:00 AM) and I suddenly had an inkling to turn down a random road, and discovered the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever seen.

On my random road to Lofoten.

Driving further I stopped at a random little place off the side of the road, and hiked up a little trail… there I discovered a small pond with several rocks, and felt this was a place where the Gods and Goddesses would gather, and share stories. For they were there with me, hearing the story of my journey.

Magic place of the Gods and Goddesses

I stayed there for a good, long while, just taking in everything. Knowing that this little place was an amazing reward for years of hard work, I left by making Jera out of twigs on a stone.

My Jera

Of course, the Gods and Goddesses always need the last say, and rightfully so. The next day I was climbing on an out-crove of rocks next to the sea. Nothing too difficult or spectacular – yet I had a feeling, a nudge of sorts, to hop in a certain direction. Idunn had something to show me. I had stopped where I had felt I had gone far enough, looked down and discovered Jera, there in the stone beneath my feet

Jera – by the Gods and Goddesses

It was that moment that I realized how powerfully awesome the Gods and Goddesses truly are. I know they approve of the path I am on, and that if I work hard, as hard as Idunn works harvesting from her tree, I will truly reap big rewards.

Jera is my guiding rune. Whenever I’m struggling with the mundane of my everyday job, I look to Jera and am reminded as to why I am there, and what I’ll get out of it beyond a monthly paycheck. I wear Jera to the gym to remind me of why I shouldn’t give a half-ass effort, but work extra hard so that I may get the best result. I look to Jera when studying, so that I know that I can learn more.