The Leadership


Alexis is an Elder of the Shield Wall Kindred. She attended her first SWK blót in 2016, and has since been planning and organizing amazing gatherings and events for the kindred. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two small children and loves seeing them grow up in a Heathen community. She was introduced to Pagan and Heathen ideologies by her Grandmother at a young age, and hopes to pass on that wisdom to her children. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting and baking.

Hrafna Floki

My name is Hrafna Floki, and I am an Elder of the Shield Wall Kindred. I am a craftsman (drinking horns & leather work). I strive to serve the Gods by helping maintain order and balance. Not just in my own family and work life, but within our community as well. I am constantly looking for ways to better help the heathen community grow and thrive. Our home has a 100% open door policy. So at any time, for any reason–need to talk, need to chill, feeling hungry, or a place to crash–feel free to call or stop by.



White Wolf

The Membership

It is important to note that this is not a complete list of our members, as some do not wish to have their information shared publicly.


Býherr Trentson is a former Elder of the Shield Wall Kindred. He is 22 years old, and was born and raised in Lehi, Utah. He currently lives in Salt Lake City with his beautiful wife and their new baby girl. Býherr joined the Shield Wall in early 2018, and quickly began dedicating himself to helping improve the community. He enjoys public speaking, and usually runs the meetings. Whenever he gets the chance, he enjoys camping and hiking (particularly in southern Utah).



My name is Ghenniphur, or Ghen; whichever is easier. I am honored to be a wife, mother, and grandmother. I love cooking, arts and crafts, and helping to coordinate events. I love helping others and finding working solutions that benefit everyone. I am here to listen, and help wherever I can. I love finding new and exciting ways for sharing knowledge and I live to help others find their joy in discovering the Gods & Goddesses.